Public Relations and THE 3 BIG FACTS of School communication



Public Relations and THE 3 BIG FACTS of School communication

1 You have thousands of upper hands!

2 Express yourself

3 Just emotion take me over


Hi! I´m so glad to share with you a little bit of my experience and knowhow. Thank you for your attention while NSPRA 2019 Seminar.

Please, let me know when you´ll be in Brazil: will be a great pleasure to meet you and visit schools to share our School Public Relations experience!

See you in Rio!


José Alessandro

+55 21 983027159


Rua Barata Ribeiro, 258 / 502

Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro – RJ




School Public Relations Specialist


Counselor of the Regional Brazilian Council of Public Relations


PR of Colégio Notre Dame –


PR of Instituto Nossa Senhora da Piedade –


CEO ZELE Comunicação –


Speaker about excellence for teachers and school employees



1 You have thousands of upper hands! – All in the catbird seat !

At first, let’s talk about

‘‘customer service’’ at schools…


There is only one place that has its ‘‘customers’’ inside home this way:

• 5 hours a day (or more)

• 5 days a week (or more)

• 200 days a year (or more)

• 12 years a life (or more)



Using  this BIG FACT we make our communications process more and more effective! Each teacher, each student, each employee could be your partner in this mission! Tell them how good is your school, tell them how excellent are yours projetcts and activities, tell them how important they are for you!



Employees, teachers, parents and students: they are always a school ambassador!


2 Express yourself

This song makes sense when we talk about the way people choose brands…

They always want the best!

Think your school like your brand!


We should coomunicate everyday with families and students like THE NUMBER ONE! Also do it with teachers and employees!


We should enchant “clients” everyday with brochures, videos, logos, events, megazines, newsletters, infographics, reports…

The design excellence lift the school communication to the HIGHER ground! Think about this!


Branding your school creating names and logos for projects, activities and events!


3 Just emotion take me over

Do you know Emotional Marketing? Please, let´s watch this 3 videos and try to tell me if they are talking about schools…

( 3 very short emotional videos using scenes from schools )


When we watch these videos we think: it’s a beautiful video from some school!

But they are NOT from school! They are from

> a brazilian supermarket´s adverstising,

> a colombian cellphones company and

> an american brand.

Whaaaat?! So, why don´t we use emotional scenes like this in our videos,

in our photos? Let´s tell our stories with emotion!

We start to do this in Brazil and we have great engagement! Let´s watch?


“The Big Achievement” – a school pedagogical project

“4 minutes” – a school philosophical projetc

“Emóvere” – a school socioemotional projetc



This ‘‘to do board’’ help me to reach excelence

in a communication routine.


You just need to print it OR rewrite it in a white board in

your office´s wall AND feed it according the sample.

Access the QR Code and get your blank TO DO BOARD!


What  dou you need to communicate?

Who do you need to reach?


Post videos or photos on Instagram Feed

TIP: Videos reaches more visibility than photos


Post videos or photos on Instagram Story

TIP: don´t wait for a proffessional video, stories is more about backstage!


Post videos, photos or news on Facebook

TIP: pay attention on what is the best moment of the day to share


Post news on your website

TIP: your website is your newspaper, but write less and show more

use photos and videos and don’t forget to insert social network buttons


Send e-mail marketing

TIP: to create creative and curious subjects is the most important part of

this strategy and do not send emails everyday


Print and attach posters in the wall

TIP: think about where parents and students walk in the school

and for where they look


Show videos on internal Tvs circuit

TIP: use a pendrive or a intrant to share your communications by smart Tvs


Print and fix banners

TIP: you don´t need a banner  for everything but you can create a

banner without date to use along two or three years


Other actions that you think importante

TIP: create your own TO DO BOARD!




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